American History at it’s Finest


”Shhh, if you listen closely, as Lincoln is sitting in his chair, you can hear him whisper that I freed the slaves, and ended all slavery and despair. Take a few steps, and you can still hear the echoes of, ”I have a dream”.
Peace, unity, and fairness were all apart of Dr. King’s theme. 555 feet of marble standing in the air, honoring our 1st President, or the 6 soldiers in complete
collaboration to push that American flag is the ultimate testament. The highest of all courts, where 9 judges take in each argument, and try to come up with the best alternative or decision. You can count on that each case is handled with care, and with the utmost precision. This is American History at its finest.”
-Senate Transportation Services 🇺🇸


As your alarm clock rings, and the sun is gleaming through your window shades, its a clear indication that its time to rise and shine. You quickly hop out of bed, and begin your normal stretch routine, as you then proceed to the restroom to wash up. Please make sure you follow that up by eating a good healthy breakfast, because your going to need the extra energy, for our Rise and Shine Daytime Tour. Our Rise and Shine private tour allows you to experience Washington DC up close, and personal with one of our veteran tour guides. You have the option of pre-planning the itinerary of your tour, or leaving it in the hands of the experienced tour guide. Either way, it will be a tour that you, and your family will remember for a lifetime. Sit back and relax, as your tour guide eloquently narrates about all the historical monuments in Washington D.C. If you happen not to be a morning person, you can take part in our Midnight and Glow Night Tour. Our evening tour allows you to see Washington, beautifully lit up from the steps of Lincoln to the Rotunda Dome of the U.S. Capitol. The tour will also be making a stop at the Jefferson Memorial, where you can experience the chill of that 19 foot standing statue reflecting, and glistening into the Tidal Basin. We will then proceed to the grounds of the World War 2 Memorial, where we will be taking a moment of silence to remember all the millions of fallen soldiers who have died and laid their lives for the freedom of our country. Whether you prefer our Rise and Shine Daytime Tour or our Midnight and Glow Night Tour, all that we ask is to please remember your camera, and please remember that we live in a great country full of history.


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Virginia Wine Tours
Have nothing to do this weekend? Great, grab a couple of your friends and enjoy the day out in Virginia, tasting all the best wines. We recommend that in order to receive the full wine tasting experience, that you begin the tour early as possible. This fun wine excursion will allow you to drink various types of wine such as red, white, light, dry, and sweet. You are more than welcome to bring along a picnic basket filled with different types of cheeses, salami, crackers, and sandwiches. Don’t spend the entire day in the house watching tv! You only live once, and what better way, than spending it with a group of friends out in the old wine country!!!

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